Hussain al Nowais Explains Four Things to Remember If You’ve Never Traveled Before

It’s no secret to anyone that knows him that Hussain al Nowais enjoys traveling. He was originally from Egypt but his family moved to the United States when he was nine. Since then, he has traveled to a variety of places, but he calls Philadelphia home now and attends the University of Pennsylvania. Although he spent most of his time in the library and classes, he did find some time to take a semester abroad…in Australia. His time in Australia helped him broaden his horizons, and he encourages everyone to travel outside of the country at least one in their lifetime.

However, at the same time, Hussain al Nowais understands that some people might have some concerns over what they should bring and how they should travel. The truth of the matter is that traveling for the first time can be kind of scary. However, the flying process isn’t that bad and the potential life-affirming effects of traveling usually make the lines in TSA more than worthwhile. With that in mind, Hussain al Nowais offers a few tips to qualm these fears.

Keep ID, Passport, and Cash/Credit Cards in Separate Bags: If you lose one, it can be annoying. However, if you lose a bag with all three inside, it could make for a very bad trip.

Make a Spreadsheet of all Your Spending: If you’re on a budget and these days who isn’t, keeping a spreadsheet of all your trip expenses could help to make sure you don’t come back with an empty wallet.

Talk with Your Bank about Your Options: To that same end with regard to budgeting, know that withdrawing from a foreign country could cost you a pretty penny. See if you can upgrade to a premium account or withdraw enough money before you leave to make sure you can avoid these fees.

Research but Feel Free to Wing It Once You Get There: You can research all of the Frommers and Lonely Planet guides you want. However, just know that you won’t be able to get to everything that you want to do. There’s just too much. And once you get there, you might find some interesting things to do that weren’t even in your guides. If you spend too much time trying to stick with an itinerary, the trip might end up being more of a chore than you would like. Research but allow yourself to explore on your own as well.